11 June 2023

Social sphere

PRJSC "Zaporizhskloflus" in conditions of market economics is very carefully referred to the qualified personnel and conducts policies of care about labor collective of the plant.

For the workers of the plant all conditions indispensable for high-performance operation and normal rest are created. The year from one year grows a wage; the collective agreement stipulates the whole complex of measures supplying social protection of the workers. All workers are ensured with preferential power supply in the factory restaurant and health services. The factory has the own comfortable base of rest "Crystal" disposed on the coast of the warm Azov sea.

Presentation video base of rest "Crystal":

Tax number: 002932508240
EDRPOU: 00293255
Ukraine, 69035, Zaporozhye, Diagonalnaya 2

Bank requisites:
Account: UA303510050000026000617360400
Bank: BNP PARIBAS GROUP "Ukrsibbank", MFO: 351005

Sodium silicate, welding fluxes:
+38(061) 239-70-70
Liquid glass, glassware:
+38(061) 239-70-75

Payment for products:
Payment for shipped products is carried out by bank transfer by transferring funds to the account of the Seller. Company has a flexible system of discounts and payment delay. We will be glad to see you as our partners!

Shipment and products delivery:
Shipment of products is carried out from the warehouses of the enterprise. It is possible to delivery by road, rail, river and sea transport. We will consider any of your suggestions!

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